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Monroe Broadcasting Inc.

Monroe Broadcasting Company, Inc.
PO Box 1007
Monroe, NC 28111

1700 Buena Vista Road
Monroe, NC
28112 US

(704) 289-2525
fax: (704) 289-1416

Email Us Here!
Archie Morgan : archiewixe1190@gmail.com
Kathie Easton: kathiewixe@gmail.com
Reed Alexander:
Shane Greene: shanewixe@gmail.com
Stacey Polk: staceywixe@gmail.com
Bob Rogers: bobwixe@gmail.com

Staff Bios

Hi folks, I'm Archie Morgan, President & GM of Monroe Broadcasting Co., Inc., 'The Mighty 1190'. I was born in Marshville, grew up in Monroe and it is an true honor for me to live and work in the town I call home. I am married to Pam and we raised two wonderful children here who are products of the fine schools in Unionville.

After work in the restaurant industry and also at Frito-Lay I began work in radio at WMAP here in Monroe in 1988 with 'The Foxx' . We did the morning show there and it was great fun doing different characters and clowning around with Foxx on the air. In 1990 we had the opportunity to purchase WIXE and we did. Foxx taught me not only the technical things I would need to know but he also taught me the importance of local radio to its' community. I learned things that seem to be missing now in the syndicated and voice- tracked world of commercial radio and that is that when you are on the air you are talking directly to people. When you wish someone a Happy Birthday or assist them with a lost dog or comment about the passing of someone's loved one, you are talking to them, directly. That isn't done much in radio anymore by the sound of things yet it is the philosophy that I learned and have maintained. WIXE doesn't sound like most other stations especially in the Charlotte market which we are a part of and if we start too, please give me a swift kick.

In 2000 Foxx wanted to semi-retire therefore allowing me the opportunity to have 100% ownership in WIXE with my wife Pam. We haven't looked back, even when our tower fell and we had to rebuild. A number of broadcast friends recommended then that I move the station to Charlotte where I could make more money. Never considered it. I'm home.

I learned a long time ago that to be successful you surround yourself with successful people and I have done just that. My staff is fantastic and I would be lost without them. Each one of them brings a wealth of talent to WIXE and I am honored to have them in my employ.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to your radio listening and we appreciate the time you give us here at WIXE. We hear from so many listeners that tell us they turn us on in the morning and listen all day. That is special and we Thank You! We also appreciate the way you support our advertisers. In most cases we have used that advertiser ourselves so when we talk about a roofer, a Doctor, a restaurant, a plumber, we are conveying our experience just like one of your friends or neighbor would do. You've heard the expression, "Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising". We couldn't agree more and that is exactly what we do. The only difference is that we have a microphone and an antenna. Rest assured, if we say they have good chicken, you can take it to the bank. Thank you again for your listenership and support. If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to call.
CONTACT ARCHIE by Email: archiewixe1190@gmail.com

Hi, Iím Bob Rogers. I was born in Wadesboro, in Anson County. Iím a US Army Veteran and have 3 wonderful children. Since 1961, I have spent my time in radio. Iíve been on the staff of some great radio stations over the years in Charlotte, Albemarle, Laurinburg, Wadesboro, Pageland, and finally my favorite, WIXE, in Monroe. I play Classic Country, Bluegrass and Southern Gospel each week.

I was nominated twice in the Singing News National Fan Awards as Top 10 Southern Gospel DJ. The Tarheels, Panthers and Nascar Racing are my passion and I spend my time with my wife Betty, family and friends. I enjoy traveling, bluegrass and gospel concerts. Call me at 704-289-2525 and let me help you advertise all of your special concerts.

Email Bob at bobwixe@gmail.com

Kathie Easton
Radio Advertising is the best thing you can do to grow your business and to maintain the business that you have. Call me and letís talk. I came to WIXE in 2002, but began my radio career in Sumter, South Carolina in 1984Öthatís 27 years of sitting in front of business owners who need help, need ideas and need results! I live here in Monroe, near Downtown Monroe and fully support our downtown.

You can easily find me at The Art Walk in the spring and fall, Music on Main and other festivals and activities. Iím a proud Rotarian and belong to the Monroe-Union Breakfast Rotary Club. My family lives in Sumter and in Summerville, South Carolina and I visit them often. My son Joel lives, works and is working on a radiology degree in Columbia and my son Kent lives and works here in Monroe. I have the most precious, beautiful, smartest granddaughter ever born. Remember the importance of YOUR local radio station. We inform, educate, entertain and during a crisis, it will be WIXE ďThe Mighty 1190Ē that will hold Union County together as a community.

Contact Kathie by Email: kathiewixe@gmail.com

I am Shane Greene. I am the Swap shop man, Morning Show co-host, Program director, Advertising Executive and just about whatever else the job requires me to be. I am from Pageland SC and currently live in Monroe (barely) with my wife Amanda and Hamlet the Feist dog. I have one sisterÖ Lisa and My Father Roger. I am a licensed auctioneer and have plenty of material to share on air just from hanging around the auction sales for the last twenty years or so.

I have been with WIXE for about 13 years now and enjoy the chance I have every day to talk with you folks and share stories that I find entertaining. I also love hearing what some of you folks have to say. Whether we are talking about current events on the Breakfast Club, Taking the Swap Shop calls or talking about whatever pops into my brain on the Your Turn Talk Show I Really enjoy what I do and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy doing it. Take time to check out the entire website, listen to me daily from 7AM until Noon and donít forget to go to our Facebook page ďThe Breakfast Club on WIXEĒ and click the like button. Thanks again for stopping in and paying me a visit.

Contact Shane by Email: shanewixe@gmail.com


Stacey Polk I am the office Manager here at WIXE and enjoy meeting all of our listeners when they walk into the station. I was born and raised in South Carolina where I still live with my Husband and beautiful daughters. Here at WIXE you will see me out and about in Monroe in our WIXE mobile and you will here my voice on the other end of the phone when you call in.

I have been with WIXE since 2007 and have enjoyed every minute of being here. If you have any questions, concerns, Church announcement or other non-profit public service announcement that you need to have aired please let me know. I can also assist you with your purchases of half-price certificates to various local merchants. Outside of the station, I spend every minute that I can with my family. My children keep me very busy and I love every minute of it. Being a good mom is my number one priority. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Contact Stacey by Email: staceywixe@gmail.com